18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Monday, November 21, 2011

An Early Test

When the season starts to creep up on you, thoughts of doubt that were minor in earlier weeks, can start to grow rapidly. Did I run enough, jump enough, drill enough, lift enough, spend enough time in the gymnastics gym? The list can go on and on. I'm normally not one who dwells on that kind of useless drama. However, some indoor seasons I like to sneak in an early competition, and this season I chose to do so. With that early competition around the corner, some of those doubtful questions are starting to peak there heads over my wall of psyche. I'm dealing with them fine enough, but the breakdown in confidence frankly pisses me off a bit. Over the course of the day, I will put them to rest through routine, training, and meditation. I'm better than this.
The competition itself is really thrown into my mix of training as a Pop Quiz. Just checking to see where I'm really at, and putting no emotional investment in the result. I generally jump 17'-17'6" in these December meets historically. However, I plan to pop something over 18' at this one, not having jumped from a competition run since the first weekend in September. In prior years this may have been a tall order for me, but I'm different now, I expect more from myself, and I will get more. 
Most Universities have an early competition for there athletes before Christmas break. It is normally off the books and used as a test day. Boise State realized that if it was going to test its athletes than why shouldn't they sanction the meet and invite outside athletes in case something great happens. You never know, why take the risk without the reward? I feel the same way. So I've attended off and on for a few years now and always had a great time. The facility at Boise State University is phenomenal and jumping there is a treat. This year will be even more special for me because my brother is now the Pole Vault Coach at BSU. His presence there has motivated me to attend every BSU competition I'm allowed in. The combination of a great runway, and him in my corner will yield great results. 
So Dec 2nd, I test the waters before this 2012 season officially starts, and jump from a big boy approach for the first time in 3 months. Sounds like a party. 

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