18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Ultimate Vaulter Pole Vault Clinic

The Ultimate Vaulter
Mark Hollis   vs.  Tuxedoman Paul Litchfield

On December 8th and 9th 2012
Location: TheYolo Striders Vault Factory (460 Harter Ave. Woodland, CA)

Come to a Pole Vault Camp and Competition that is the first of its kind.
All athletes in attendance will be split into two teams based on lifetime best.
Team Hollis, and Team Litchfield.

Each team will be coached under one of these great athletes for an intense day of instruction, then compete against each other the following day, too see which Team will be crowned the Ultimate Vaulter.

Day 1: Instruction will be different for each team. A curriculum specifically designed by Hollis or Litchfield to get their team to have a high learning curve and give them what they feel are the most valuable tools needed to compete at a winning level the following day.

Day 2: The competition will be held on two runways parallel to each other. Where Hollis and Litchfield will take each team through a pre meet warm up, and then coach each team member through the entire competition. Athletes final heights will be scored on an IAAF scoring table, and the highest score wins.

But that’s not all. During the competition if a vaulter goes out with three misses, and their coach thinks they can make the height to stay in, they can “buy” that athlete an extra attempt with a specified point deduction from there teams final score. The higher the bar, the higher the deduction.

Then Hollis and Litchfield will go head to head in a show down. Due to ceiling restrictions it will have to be from short approaches, but will still prove to be exciting as they push each other to the point of hitting the ceiling. Hollis and Litchfield’s final heights score will be doubled for the overall total, and they can also buy extra attempts with the permission of there team.   

All proceeds will go to maintaining and improving the Yolo Striders Vault Factory, and the Mark Hollis and Paul Litchfield training funds.

Ø Go to Active.com to register: https://cui.active.com/camps-reg/login?a=283139402
 Ø Early Bird Registration ends December 2nd at 11:59 PM.
Ø Online Registration ends December 7th at 11:59 PM.
Ø Early Bird Special: $200.00
Ø Regular Registration: $225.00
Ø Same Day Registration: $250.00

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