18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fund Raising For USA's

So being an athlete in the US is rough. I guess this year USATF decided that they are only going to allocate travel funds to the top 4 qualifiers in each event and/or the top 4 finishers. Basically the people that can already afford the cost of the trip or will most likely be taken care of by someone else. That is the way of the world in track and field.
The great thing about Eugene is that you can't fly poles into there little airport and it is fortune to fly in there regardless. So I'm flying to Portland, renting a car, driving to Eugene, and shipping my poles separate.
Currently I have in my bank account
Checking:  $5.59
Savings:  $378.87
Credit Card Balance Outstanding: $4,501.35

I'm in big trouble for money and I don't like asking for help. I have heard people talk before about how if your not jumping high enough to win the meet its not worth the cost of going. I disagree, the memories and experience you gain from a USA Championship are priceless, and the debt of going may hang over your head for years to come, but its worth it. You have to try and think about the upcoming years of your life. Do you really think that you will look back and say, "good thing I saved that $2,000 dollars by not going to the USA Track and Field Championships, and passed up on the opportunity to possibly make the World Championship Team." Hell no your going to say that. Your going to say "I'm an idiot for not giving it my best shot when I had the chance." That's why I am going to borrow all the money I need to go compete in this meet. I'm going to rest and train my best so that I can go there fresh, take big risks, and hopefully walk away with a great memory that will last me a lifetime.

But I'm also trying to plan it out the best I can. Jamie Steffen with Fuzion Athletics is fronting me the travel funding out his personal account with the hope of getting it back in time. So I came up with a plan, it may fail, but its worth a shot. An awesome former track athlete with a t-shirt company is going to sell me 100 t-shirts at his cost of $10 per shirt supporting my cause. So I'm putting $1,000 more on the old credit card in hopes that people will buy them knowing the money will go directly into paying my travel to the USA Championships and cover the cost of the shirts.
Here is exactly what they will look like. I'm doing them in Blue, Orange, and Pink.
The order went out as follows
Small       10-Blue, 15-Pink
Medium   10-Blue, 15-Pink
Large       10-Blue, 15-Orange
XL           10-Blue, 15-Orange
That's all I'm getting for now. They will go out first come first serve. Donate $30 or more to my Donation button on the Blog, then email me at paullitchfieldisu@gmail.com your name and mailing address and I will autograph them and mail them out myself. My order is supposed to be in by next week sometime, so I will probably be mailing them all out after the US Championship upon my return to Minnesota. Thank you so much for your support whether you donate or not.

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