18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help Keegan

I haven’t had a whole lot to say lately, but an update feels necessary.
Despite popular opinion I tried to squeeze one last competition into my schedule to possible get an automatic qualifying mark for the USA indoor championships. I did this regardless of the fact that deep down I knew that I didn’t really care to attend. It was my competitive side coming through and replacing my rational thought process. I’m sure it has caused me problems in the past, and I think that it could have this past weekend.
I’m very happy to be back in Pocatello, it still feels like home, but I didn’t feel right about the competition. I was there for the wrong reasons despite my attempts to alter my thoughts on the matter and turn it into a fun positive occasion, I failed. After a long day of driving I found myself delaying the act of even heading out to the venue. Once I was there it took me awhile to work up the ambition to warm up, and with only a few minutes remaining of runway time I managed to take a few jumps before it was closed for competition. I only made my opening height of 5.15m (16’10.5”) and then failed to clear 5.30m. I was a little upset that I didn’t jump higher, but a large part of me just didn’t really care. I understand why, and after mopping around a bit, I’m over it. Mentally recharged, and looking forward for the right reasons I’m very excited to jump this coming Friday in the Simplot Games.

This morning I got the horrible news about a friend and former athlete who I had the honor of working with while coaching at Idaho State University. Keegan Burnett has now survived two accidents that would have killed 99% of human beings. The guy is tough as nails and will continue to press on. Being a victim of such a poor economy Keegan does not have medical insurance and is now accumulating a mountain of debt in medical bills that will hang over his head for years to come. I know that many of us are hurting financially but everyone can spare just a little bit. Keegan is family and I hope all that have read this can find it in there hearts to open there pocket book up and help out. Please, please spread the word, and lets get some powerful support going Keegans direction.

There is a donation fund set up at Key Bank for Keegan. The Keegan Burnett Donation Fund.

Donations can be made in person at any branch; by mail to Key Bank, 1199 10th Avenue, Sweet 

Home, OR 97386; or if you do online bill pay it can be sent to Key Bank for Keegan Burnett Donation 


You can also donate on Facebook

here is the address for updates on Keegan

Here is a link to the story about his accident

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