18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Disconnect

Lately I've been questioning my immersion into technology. This is the reason for my absence in writing. Well one of many reasons. My journey has become crazier and more difficult than originally anticipated with this move to the Midwest. But that is life, unpredictable at all times. I'm here is Jonesboro, AR surrounded by the amazing group at Bell Athletics.
We traveled here together from Doctoberfest in Jamestown Kansas. A very special competition that raises funds for a club that doesn't charge fees to its members. What Doc does is very special and goes above how most clubs operate. I wish I could do more to support his efforts, he is an example we can all learn from.
 I come to Jonesboro to get what I call my pole vault recharge, as often as I can. Every time I'm able to stop in, I never want to leave. Being here always sets my mind at ease to all the stress thrown in my path both on and off the runway. When I leave I always feel like I have a little bit better plan, or rather a reinforcement of some my own ideas, with the addition of a few more, from people of whom I hold great respect. The conversations about pole vault and life that take place here go far beyond what you can read in a book or learn from a video. They are, to coin a catch phrase, "priceless".
Now with my new goals and direction I will head up north to continue training, and therapy. During my first vault session here a small tweak in my left Achilles has prevented me from jumping again. I will have to address this issue along with my back problems upon my return to the north lands. The good news is, both my lower and upper back issues have been under control for the past few days which is promising. Normally when i get in this situation of feeling good, I do too much and start moving backward again. As my achilles is flared up, it will prevent me from being over active and hopefully give my back the extra time it needs to continue to heal properly.
I would like to partially disconnect from all this technology. I know its a stretch as communication of all levels now fits neatly in your pocket and follows you all day long like a lost dog that won't stop crying. While I was here I told my friends, if I had it my way I would just jump in my car and drive deep into the mountains for an unknown period of time with no electronic devices or books. I would just train and train and train. Running workouts uphill and upstream, upper body and core workouts using ropes, rings, rocks and trees. Climbing and scrambling around on any surrounding rock formation and suitable tree, like a playground for an adult. If I was not training I would meditate, sitting still, or in motion, on walks, hikes, and climbs. When I returned from those hills, I would be a different kind of athlete.
Without commitment, these types of wild ideas are much more available to us. But you can always argue that its the commitments that teaches us both responsibility and direction.

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