18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pictures and Update

The last two days have finally been rain free. Lately I was feeling like I was watching a little bit too much TV and I felt like it was a huge waste of my time. So I decided to stop watching any TV or Movies for 10 days, guess what happened on day one, rain, and rained it has for almost everyday of the ten days. I've gotten a lot of great upper body and core workouts in though. Anyway, I'm rambling.
The rain cut into my backyard pit project heavily, thinking I was ready to jump down there, the rain proved I was far from prepared. When the sun finally came out yesterday, I took advantage of the great weather and started the rebuilding process. It was a long hard day to be added onto several days in a row of mad labor in mud and rain. Needless to say they have taken a toll on my back. Three days ago we sank my Dads rear wheel drive truck in the mud while working, then spent the following day digging it out with shovels (3 different times and locations) and finally yanking it free with my Subaru, which I have to add, is the best damn car known to man, I could write pages about its exploits, but added to that list now is pulling a 3/4 ton pickup out of the mud, 3 times.

The pit is completely up off the ground now, safe from mother nature. The box is sank and protected, the standards are on pallets, and everything is covered with 2 massive tarps that water will not penetrate. There is 140' of cement runway laid, cured and covered in black rubber. The last 10' of runway I plan to install continues to evade me as I cannot get the truck to it in the mud, and mixing and pouring cement in downpour rain is no fun. However, the area is jump ready, safe and solid.
It's dry out today, not clear, but dry. However the rain will come in the afternoon, take friday off, then continue through the weekend. Surrounded with pain throughout 80 to 90% of my aching body last night, the excitement of jumping the following day clouded my vision with delusions of attempting to do so. When I woke this morning I felt like I had been jumped by a biker gang on PCP. It was hard to even stand. Now with high doses of anti-inflams and black coffee i'm feeling functional, but aware enough that jumping is not in the cards today. Tomorrow? That's still a viable option in my mind and will most likely take place. The christening of my own vault area, exciting.
I had meant to take completed photos to post, but the urgency to cover the pits before dark and the next storm came over me last night, and once completed there was not enough light for photos, plus they would just be of a huge tarp with a massive strangely shaped lump underneath them.
But here are some photos in the mean time.

The beginning.

Later on..

Fetching Rubber from Idaho

Rear forms

Prep'n for the pits (We have triple this amount of Pallets now)

Shots from yesterday

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