18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Saturday, March 24, 2012

FINALLY! Jumping out Back + Video

I would have liked to have some higher quality jump footage to post for you, but with everything that has transpired I was lucky to have the strength to run at all. Despite my lack of exceptional technique or power it was still a very exciting day for me. The local newspaper came by to see how the project progressed and to check in on me, to see how training was going. I could very well have taken a small pole from a short run and popped a few pretty looking jumps for photo purposes. But I told them that in the larger scheme of things the psychological benefits of doing no drills, no short run jumps, and going straight back to my competition run was very important to me. A powerful demonstration of confidence in myself as I am now far more driven to succeed in the mental side of being an athlete than the physical side. It was my goal to go down there with the same two poles I used during the indoor season and have the courage to charge in from my competition approach and take jumps regardless of my poor physical state. I grabbed the first 5m pole in my series that was pole #1 of 2 throughout the entire indoor season; It only took me three trips down the runway, and a few step adjustments, to complete a jump over a modest opening height of 5.05m (16'7"). Not bad considering it was on a runway that has never been tested, a box that has never been tested, no good mats covering the standards, I haven't vaulted in a month, and it was my first outdoor vaulting session of 2012. It may seem simple to you, but to me, it was extremely satisfying and a psychological triumph that will carry me much further than an amount of weight I can lift in a weight room, or a time I produced through a set of laser timers.
It went something like this....

After that, to my surprise I blew through the pole I was jumping on. Meaning I would have to go up to pole #2 from the indoor season, the only other pole I used. It was a nice surprise (I credit it to the nice tail-wind that continued to assist me ) but it was still a welcome one. So I went to the larger pole, the same pole that I have jumped 18'1" with 3 times in the last 9 months. Not getting greedy I only raised the bar to 5.20m (17'1") had a hard time moving the pole a few times, completed one failed attempt, got spanked a few more times, then went back down poles and took a jog down the runway to clear the bar of 17'1" and end the day with a successful attempt (ugly, but still successful).
Here is kind of how it went. My camera died and we used a phone to finish shooting and my video editor is angry with these files so here is the best I could come up with...

Bigger Pole...Rejected, Miss, Rejected, Rejected, down to a smaller pole and a clearance at 17'1".

Bigger jumps coming soon.....
Your future is what you make it.

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