18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting Closer

Thursday 5/26 Fuzion Springs Series
5.41m (17'9")

Thursday I got out of bed tired, and remained that way all day. Tired, lathargic, and unmotivated. As crappy as I felt I still knew that I could preform well in the meet that coming evening. How you feel all day or even in warm ups has nothing to do with the way you are capable of performing. Every meet has taught me something different, something constructive to use for the following. I carry the knowledge with confidence for the few days between, knowing my plan for my next opportunity is sound. This meet was no different. I jumped higher once more, but not quite as high as I need. However, I walked away with another small scrap of invaluable knowledge that I feel can push me over that next height on Sunday.
I started the meet at 5.21m (17'1) and made the bar with ease on a first attempt, doing the same at 5.31m (17'5") and 5.41m (17'9"). 5.41 was a bar that had meaning to me, but I still stayed relaxed and treated it like any other height, this is why I cruised over it with ease. At 5.51m (18'1") I was overly excited and many things started changing, suddenly I was making errors and moves that were probably unnecessary and this is where I failed. The relaxed approach and jump from the previous bars, was the same jump I needed at this height, but my body and mind thought otherwise. Clouded by exiheration, barrelling down the runway like a freight trane, I was unsuccessful at clearing the bar. But I learned, and I retained, and I will be ready sunday.
The noteable thing about this competition is that the last time I cleared a competition bar over 5.40m was on the beach, in Seattle Washington, in July of 2008. Seems like a long time, but also seems silly. It's not that high, and it wasn't hard. So what was I doing for all those years? That question doesn't bother me at all, because whatever it was that held me back, I'm not doing it anymore, and that is what's important.

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