18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Week Off

So today I started I new therapy for my back. It's something simple called a traction table. You may be familiar with the term. From all the things I've heard and research I've done, this is the route I need to take if I want to continue to be an athlete. Regardless of my success this season despite the odds, some better odds would be nice. These relapses continue to set me back weeks at a time. Without medical insurance, or money, access to something like this is difficult to find. But as luck would have it, some one with a big heart and his own story of survival as a post-collegiate athlete has opened the doors of his practice to me, and is determined to help get me healthy. I am very optimistic about this new path. One thing that is a bummer is that I have to take a week off of training during these first sessions. Not necessarily because of the treatment, but because I never take time off unless i am severely injured. So I agreed to stay nonactive for the remainder of the week.
Training is like medicine to me, without it, I get a little crazy. I have a hard time understanding lazy people. The idea of sitting around in front of the TV or gaming system for hours on end sounds like torture to me. Winter is bad enough, even then I find ways to remain outdoors and entertained, I can't imagine confining ones self all year like that. Anyway, now I have to keep myself busy for a week without irritating my back or working out. This will prove to be a special challenge, but I believe in the why, and am excited about the idea of being pain free some day.

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