18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I shouldn't have to write letters like this. What the hell is wrong with USA track and field. Its like they don't want people to be good. You pay to be a member, you pay to compete, you pay to post a mark for nationals, you pay too declare for nationals. What a joke. A bunch of broke athletes being forced to pay for a national meet, and there own travel both ways unless they are in the top 25% of the field. Anyway, I had to write this letter today and I'm just pissed out how difficult they make things. I think most of the background of what's going on is in the letter so you should get all caught up. Those of you planning on attending these meets, don't fret, if we have too, we'll pay these assholes. The marks will count. They are trying to say that we need a paid official with at least 2 years of experience and certifications in USATF to sign off on these. Maybe i shouldn't even post this crap but I feel like I should share and I'm pissed, so I 'm going too anyway.

    My name is Paul Litchfield. I was a Coach at Idaho State University for 6 years under the tutelage of Dave Nielsen  and now I am currently coaching and working for Fuzion Athletics. At Idaho State I officiated everything from the long jump to entire Decathlons. My experience as an official is extensive, but the NCAA never required me to take any USATF certification courses and I still did a fantastic job. Jamie Steffen forwarded me your address to try and find a solution for our lack of an official to sign off on the Fuzion Spring Series Meets.
These meets were designed to fill a gap for post-collegiate athletes between the dates posted. After the second week of May there are no competitions for post collegiate athletes until after the US championships. Last chance qualifiers, Conference championships, Regional Championships, and then the NCAA Championships dominate all the time, energy, and resources of track and field in the US for roughly 6 weeks. If you are not in the NCAA, your out of luck. These are the last weeks that athletes have to post qualifying marks for the USA Championships, and they have no place to do it. The US has left these guys out to dry for 6 weeks without meets, turns around expects them to magically post marks, then perform at a World Class level at the US championship and wonders why its not happening. We are willing to take on the burden of some these athletes by taking money out of our own pockets, paying for the meets, and helping them with travel and lodging. These athletes will not be charged to compete. We are doing this to help save Pole Vault and track and field in the US because we love our sport. We do not benefit in anyway, and some of the dates will actually effect our camps (so we will lose money there). We are dropping a lot of money on this, and having to pay an official for 11 competitions is really going to put it over the top, to the point where my boss may not agree to do it ever again. The marks that come out of these meets will be legal and follow every rule to the letter in the USATF handbook. We always did things right at Idaho State University and we do things right here at Fuzion Athletics. These marks need to count for the men and women who will attend and cannot afford to travel the globe to compete.
 Please help us conduct this service.
-Paul Litchfield


  1. I should have also mentioned that. They were ok with approving the sanctions and taking the money, but now that they cashed the check, they are claiming the marks won't count without more money. That's what the sanction was for. I feel like i'm dealing with the Mob. They can do and say what they want because there are no competitors, and they are the end all.

  2. Well said. I am glad you guys are making the effort to give post-collegiate vaulters like myself a chance.