18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Minnesota Showcase Event

This is short release I wrote up today about the Minnesota Pole Vault Showcase that I have been heavily involved with putting on. I'm grateful to Jamie for letting be a part of such a great event, and company. This is only the beginning. Check it out.

So the Minnesota Pole Vault Showcase is looking to be an amazing event. What a great way for Elite athletes to wind down the indoor season after the USA Championships. Go to a meet and compete with your friends, not against your friends. The coolest thing about this meet is that everyone who makes a bar makes money.
Rentpoles.com is sponsoring the entire event and owner Jamie Steffen wants to make sure none of these athletes leave empty handed. With my help, we set up a system where each bar has a dollar value on it. Athletes get paid for the highest 3 bars they clear, no matter there final place in the contest. We even threw a few bonus bars in the mix. It’s a great setting for some big jumps, and an opportunity to see some of the US’s best vaulters jump at more bars than they normally would in regular competition. Without the added pressure of competing against the athlete next to you, and not wanting to miss out on a payday by passing a height, that is a potent mix to get these vaulters fired up and focused to jump high!
This thing is going to be exciting. After winning the last 2 US championships in a row, Mark Hollis looks to lead the charge, and get over his first 19 foot bar! Bouncing back and forth between Europe and the US tends to wear on an athlete. With Mark back in the states and rested for the past few weeks, he’s looking to jump a big PR. Here at the Fuzion training center we have made sure to have the equipment and facility primed and ready for it. It is our opinion that if you want a World Class performance, you should have a World Class facility, and that’s what we have. A raised runway with its own lighting, a brand new pole vault pit, a massive High Definition projector replaying jumps, and playing personal bio’s and videos of all athletes between vaults, a DJ, an MC, High Def camera’s shooting the event, a Professional Photographer, a massive crowd made solely of hardcore vault fans, and a field of World Class Vaulters. With other great names like Jacob Pauli, Mary Saxer, Jeff Coover, Shawn Francis, Jenny Soceka, Sam Pribyl, and me, the stage is set for great performances, crazy antics,  and an event that will be worthy of memory for all time. 

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