18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Fuzion Spring Series is Official

So I was breezing through the Polevaultpower message boards the other day and came across a disturbing thread titled "Worst indoor season ever?". Referring to pole vault in the US. The thread goes on for 4 pages. Its full of valid points, theories, ideas, complaints, countless book references, and finger pointing. I can hear passion in some of the words, and even agree with many of the arguments myself. However I have to say, talk is cheap, and actions speak. 4 pages of text and nothing about what someone is actually doing to make a difference. Track and Field is dying, and Pole Vault is dying with it. If it bothers you, help. Go do something about it. You can a make a difference in someones life, even if its just one athlete.
We are acting. Here is yet another action we have taken. Filling the void for the forgotten group of dedicated post collegiate athletes left out to dry between NCAA conference, Regional, and National championships. These people need a place to compete.
So come join us. If your dumping your hard earned money (or pushing credit card limits) into chasing around the country and paying entry fees for 1 chance a week to compete and possibly get a USA mark, how about the option of 3 times in a week, in the same place, on a huge pit, with no worry of bad weather, a lightning fast runway, good friends, a fantastic place to train in the meantime, and no entry fees? The option is now available. Contact me. We want to help.

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