18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Machine

Its awesome to be at a place where the day in day out grind of a "normal" job is nonexistent. Yes we work long hours, and 7 days a week most weeks. But I go to work in running shoes, and warm ups, and am kind of expected too. That's not bad if you ask me. Fuzion is a place where ideas really come to life. The MN PV Showcase is a perfect example of that. Most of the time people sit around and talk about all there great ideas, get excited, maybe even write a few words down or scribble some pictures, but that's usually as far as it goes. Out here, when we talk about something, we are almost instantly on the phone, email, internet, etc, bringing it to life. We don't talk, we do. And what we do helps to resuscitate a sport that started being systematically controlled and ultimately murdered some time ago. The challenge and passion involved with the work creates a great stimulus in the building. The work, however time consuming, does tend to take hold of your life a bit, but does not seem to overwhelm. I'm starting to see the source of fuel that the boss man has fed off of and maintained his business all these years almost alone, and has even managed to grow larger and larger over time. He is a machine and keeping up with him is near impossible. What lies ahead for us as a company looks very bright.
What lies ahead for me as an athlete is looking bright as well. Thanks to Alex, my therapy has taken what I can only describe as the right turn. I have already noticed major differences in my body. I'm happier, its easier to get out of bed, I have more energy all day, I'm able to do harder running workouts, harder lifting workouts, my blood stream is not made up mostly of IB Profen, I'm feeling closer to what an elite athletes body should feel like.
Being patient in staying off the runway for the next few weeks will be very tough for me. I look at it everyday with want and need. Just one little fix of runway speed and pole lift off. It's my absolute favorite thing in life. But if I can wait, and do this thing right, when that exciting day comes, it will be absolutely worth the wait.

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