18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reno 2012

In about 10 hours I should find myself southbound on interstate 95.  Departing Idaho I will patiently  pass through Oregon’s dreary 55mph speed limit, on a road that is clearly safe enough to be labeled 70mph. Attempting not to grind my teeth in anticipation I will eventually reach the open arms of the Silver State and its much more logical opinions on transportation. My time here was perfectly timed and taken advantage of, but it was planned preparation for where my journey leads to next.
My final destination, Reno, NV. For those of you who don’t know, Reno is home of the world famous Pole Vault Summit. The most special event held for our elaborate sport. Every year athletes from all over completely sideline what is most likely a carefully drawn out year of training, to rest, taper and prepare for this mammoth occasion. It is not a trial for a championship event, it gives out no medals or ribbons, it will not be televised and will not grant you fame or legend. Yet every athlete attending will put rational thought aside and grip higher on bigger poles, and charge down the runway with more vigor than they will experience in most competitions for the rest of the season.
It is not a cut throat event, perfect strangers participating in competition are happy to share their own equipment, help you with technique and offer assistance in any way possible. It is a massive, crowded building filled with friends. As you lookout over the thousands in attendance it’s hard to grasp the fact that you all share a common and powerful bond created by an amazing sport.
An ocean of like minded individuals.
Every four years the event is a starting point for aspiring athletes chasing Olympic dreams. This is one of those years. The fact alone sets a stage for a far more exciting and intricate Summit. People are different during an Olympic year, powerful, focused, and hell bent with determination. The ingredients are clearly in place for an electrifying brew worthy of memory.
Last year I was attempting to recover from a major injury that still plagues me today. Then, unlike now, I didn’t understand it and had taken 6 months off of vaulting. On Christmas day that winter, I broke the silence. Not too long after I got the call from a Summit Director who asked me to attend. I told him I wasn’t near ready to be competing with constant relapse and unexpected setbacks in training looming around every corner.  All that was asked was that I do the best I could. That I could commit too. Its Reno after all, anything can happen. I went there with uncertainty but departed with poise. The rest of that story is history, and I’m sure you can dig it up in this blogs archives. As fun as it was, the presence looks far more promising.
Tomorrow I will arrive in Reno saturated with confidence. This time I can say with certainty, I am ready. 

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you there man. The summit is always amazing, but this year is going to be something else.