18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Monday, June 27, 2011

USA's Ain't Shit

Well I had all kinds of great things to say about USA's. I came home this morning from the red eye and my dog was acting strange. Long story short, he's gone, and suddenly USA's doesn't mean shit. I love and miss that dog so much. He was my son. And an NH at the US championship means nothing. If your interested here is where i'm at. If your not interested I understand.

Mans best friend. That is what modern society calls the dog. Rocco always meant so much more to me than a friend. He was my son. I already miss him so much. Maybe sitting with him while his light went out was a mistake. But I wasn’t going to let him leave this world alone. Brittany and I held him tight and caressed his neck as his eyes slowly closed. Defiant to the bitter end, just like his friends and family. No words needed to be spoken; no words can describe our bond. He knew.
My Son, he had four legs, but he was blood to me. I would have jumped in front of bullet for that dog. I would have fought a mob to protect him, kicked, punched or maimed any man or animal that threatened him. But today, I was helpless. Nature decided that it was his time. Modern medicine was no match for the damage his body had acquired. A strong dog, he has most likely had cancer for some time, and at 8 years of age continued to run around like a 2 year old dog. Towing me on my long board, chasing me on my bike, running with me in the morning, and wrestling with me for hours, no one knew that he was dying on the inside.
A massive tumor in his stomach had spread to his lungs and around his heart. At some point this morning his spleen ruptured causing him great pain and pouring blood into his abdomen. At first he seemed sick, then he was paralyzed. We took him in and I would have paid any amount of money to keep him alive, but the vet said there was no hope. They could stabilize him for a few more days if we wanted to spend some more time with him. It sounded like a selfish act to me. Why keep a friend alive who is in pain and dying. Help them along on there journey, let him sleep. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, and I am so heartbroken I can’t describe.
Rocco lived an amazing life. He learned how to swim in the Colorado River. He could climb up rocks better than most people. Scaring many a friend and family member with his antics in The City of Rocks, Moab Utah, Red Rocks Nevada, Massacre Rocks Idaho, Logan Canyon UT, Little Cottonwood Ut, Donner Summit Ca, Bowman Lake CA, Grouse Ridge CA, the many walls of Pocatello and more that I’m forgetting, many more. I’m sure RD will have more to add, as his adventures with Rocco have been wild enough to scare the likes of most.
He ran down bike trails, in Idaho, Utah, California, Nevada and Minnesota.
As a young pup he chased and despised children, thinking they were some kind of threatening animal, and it wasn’t until he met my niece Cassidy Parrett that he learned to love the youth. She molded him into a better dog, and after that you could leave him alone with any child, anywhere. An amazing, trustworthy dog, he was loved by many. And will be greatly missed.
 The memories of his life are different for us all. An orphan at times because of my athletic career, his family was vast. All of you reading this probably have a great story to tell about Rocco. Please feel free to share and post.
I myself don’t have a favorite story that comes to mind. I have seen him do amazing things and I love him a great deal. Today is hard, and I hope to share more later. But for now, I leave it to you.
I miss and love you Rocco. A toast to you my son.
Tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th of June I will raise my glass in a moment of silence at 11pm Central time, 10 Mountain Time, and 9 Pacific time. Please join me in this toast to remember a dog who was more than a dog, he was family.  

More to come.........

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