18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

18' 1" Olympic Trials 2008

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Right Side of a Gamble

Thank you to everyone who donated to the t-shirt fund and helped spread the word. I got such an amazing response. I still have 55 shirts left but I have raised enough money to cover the cost of the shirts and my plane ticket. This is fantastic! I still have a hard time believing that it worked out so well.
Doing camps and clinics throughout my career, to try and raise money for travels and expenses, I always knocked the t-shirt idea. It seems like every time you attempt to bring t-shirts into the equation you lose money on them. To many of the wrong size, not enough people showed up, the price of the camp doesn't cover the cost, the shirts arrive after the clinic is over, etc. It's always such a pain. After we got such a great response from the shirts in Reno, that paid for a injection in my back, I was hoping that I could get it to work again. It was a gamble of $1,000, so I was sweating that part a great deal, but it paid off.
The shirts have arrived much earlier than expected and I will start mailing them out Monday. I'm hoping that they will reach people in time so they can where them the weekend of the US championships, whether they attend the meet or not, I just think it would be really awesome for a bunch of different reasons. 
Thank you again to everyone, for supporting me, and believing in me. This last year has seemed so surreal.

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  1. Keeping the vault classy. There should be a team tuxedo section for folks to send pictures of vaulting, coaching, or perhaps enjoying the sport in the shirts.